This Artist Made A Dark Webcomic About ‘Gnarly Brown’, And People On Instagram Are Loving It

Adam Ellis is a very well-known famous talented artist. It is very less likely that you don’t know him and you haven’t heard about his comics because his popularity is very high among people. He is serializing on webtoon nowadays. This serial is titled ‘Books of Adam’ because this artist often makes comics and in that the character Adam is the only person on whom it is all based and it is he.

Adam’s comic is becoming very popular on Instagram. This artist has more than 1.7 million followers on the Instagram platform. And everyone knows that Adam’s stories are inspired by trends, so readers tend to guess. Recently this amazing artist shared the dark version of the famous cartoon character Charlie Brown with the people on his Instagram. It became very popular among the people. You can guess its popularity in the same way that in just 5 days the Instagram post showing the story got more than 153,000 likes, as well as 1100, left their comments in the comment box. Adam’s story has already appeared on Bored Panda, you can scroll down to see.

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