Artist’s 18 Funny ‘Slice Of Girly Life Comics’ That Are Too Relatable

Weng is a talented artist and we welcome you to the world of her art. She keeps animating the quirky moments and also keeps her funny moments alive through her art. If you take a look at the artistry of this talented artist then will consider yourself lucky. Talented artist Weng has been drawing since she was a child and only 5 years old. She also read Marvel comics and Garfield as a child before reading Asian Japanese Manga. Both these styles have greatly influenced her art and now she has a great western style of drawing. Her favorite part of creating comics remains storyboarding.

We have collected some of Weng’s best girl life comics that every girl can relate to. Enjoy the art by scrolling down.

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#1 Why Do This Brain?

#2 First World Problems – Digital.

#3 Truth About Gamers And Their Weird Choices.

#4 Why Eyes?

#5 Going Out.

#6 Every Artist Can Relate.

#7 Download Taking Ages.

#8 Mooncake Festival Rocks.

#9 The Dream.

#10 100% Meowlaysian.

#11 Lots Of Complain.

#12 Staying Healthy And Challenges.

#13 Reality Of Home Workouts.

#14 ‘Black’ To Normal.

#15 Turtle Is Savage

#16 The Saturday Routine.

#17 The Race With A Turtle. Am I Fast?

#18 Outage In Everything.