15+ Artwork Showing The Little Struggles Which Girls Have To Deal With Everyday

Girls can feel each other’s pain because there are many things that they all have in common. It doesn’t matter how different women are, they can cheer each other’s mood by understanding each other’s struggle. Just like that a artist ‘Akshara Ashok’ tries to raise every girl’s mood by telling them they are not alone in their every day’s struggle. Her work is so relatable that make us feel that it’s our imperfections that make us perfect.

Instead of being frustrated about being a girl, why not we laugh at ourselves and make some fun in life. We collected some of the common and most relatable difficulties all of the women face on the daily basis and feel like win a victory.

Source:- Instagram




Life of girls can be challenging. There are many things which we have to go through whether it is hair removal, periods, the challenge of high heels, makeup, dress codes we have to deal with all the things. And the fun part is when we feel happy and the at another moment Boom!!! We are frustrated. That’s the challenging days of our period.


Our mood swings OMG!!! We never know when we behave like childish and when mature. There are so many little things we are facing everyday, our perfect hairstyle and nailpaint victory, when we open our closest which is full of clothes but still we don’t have anything to wear, our high waist jeans is such a blessing to hide our stubborn belly fat but we are not Alone.