Girl Problems Illustrated by an Russian Artist in Her Comics

We can’t run from our problems. We have to face them but we can add some enjoyment in our life by making fun of them. What do you think?

31-Year-Old Russian Artist Anastasia `Stushona’ Ivanova  win thousands hearts with her comics in which her girl tackle her daily struggles just like each one of us does. Her creative outlet seems to be easily reduce the annoying little things. And a Cat and Coffee help her on this tour.

Stushona has been drawing comics for only 8 months as she has a background in illustration. `The character is my alter ego’, she told. `It is a reflective girl who finds non-standard ways of solving problems’.

`I draw topics that bother me’, she said. `Through comics, I express my attitude towards the world [I believe that] self irony is the best way to deal with troubles’.

Where there is no inspiration, she claims she travels or turns to her friends, borrowing their experiences for her works. `I have offended them in my comics’, the Chelyabinsk- based artist confessed. Scroll down to check out her illustrations.

Source: Comicada

#1 Because cats will always be cats.

#2 An idea for those who are looking for the most effective alarm clock.

#3 `Me looking for summer vibes.’

#4 When you just want a little joy, but end up suffering instead:

#5 Too much cheese is never enough.

#6 Every. Single. Time.

#7 You have to be careful what you wish for.

#8 Be aware of gangsters in this area and never walk alone.

#9 Meomunication is what it is.

#10 And when you finally find it, only a little piece comes off.

#11 A word about the problems of people with poor vision.

#12 All of us are stars behind the wheel.

#13 `How can I get to Sweaterburg?’

#14 `They attacked from behind. I couldn’t fight back’.

#15 When you are waiting for an answer.

#16 When you don’t need this crap in your life.

#17 There is an illusionist in each one of us.

#18 Somewhere in a parallel universe revenge is taken.

#19 A sacred moment no one dares to disturb.