Girl Makes Feminist Comics Of Her Daily Problems (30 New Pics)

Often times we view our lives as boring and not much to write home about, we are always eager to learn more about others’ lives and know more about their experiences. Maybe it’s unfamiliarity in regular lives and some little things in other people’s lives that draw us to learn more about them.

Here, we are pleased to present you with the promptlypaneled comics by Xan. These comics consist of everyday relatable situations from all of our lives and can be a good way to keep a track of what others are doing. The comics cover personal experiences from the author’s feminist perspective. Have a look!

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Here’s how Xan created the comic, and it’s an update of how it’s going now. It began in pre-pandemic time in 2019 but gradually the comics started to get viral by 2020. It’s very common for a comic to be re-uploaded several times, It has happened several times more since then and it tends to attract a few new fans, which is great! As long as the watermark remains intact, Xan don’t mind the number of times the comic gets re-uploaded. You can view the entire thread on her Instagram handle and follow for more. It’s okay if the people only want to enjoy the most popular ones that are re-uploaded. The comic is doing well, she believes.


“Lately, I am trying to improve my upload frequency, but it can be difficult at times to keep the comic balanced with our house renovations. I hope I find that balance soon. There are many issues and relatable events I have had to deal with.” says Xan.


The major reason why many of her fans find her comic very relatable is Xan likes to base the comics on something that she personally went through. She tries to pen down her personal experiences which take her near to her readers.


It is pretty much possible to get a strong response when you bring up women’s issues online. Even though the loudest voices may not represent the majority of actual opinions but they do serve to keep women quiet and down, which prevents the open discussion of these topics. Simple comics are easy to read, share, and relate to. They can be a great way to start a conversation.


Xan’s future plans include working on a draft for a larger comic project about her life and being in an abusive and toxic relationship. The future looks interesting so keep an ear open. Finding the right tone is what is a hindrance to her. She finds her current draft “too dramatic” and she says that she would need to rewrite it several times before moving to the next level.
She also aims to animate for herself ans something that she misses terribly.