10+ Girl Comics That Are Burning The Internet With Their Humor

A shout-out to all the girls! If you’re sad or even happy or even feeling indifferent, then these cute and funny works of art depict just that. I am sure, these illustrations from an extraordinarily peppy and quirky Instagram handle will surely make you squeal in excitement, ‘That’s so MEEE!’

Well, not everyone can laugh at themselves, but ‘Fluff’ has it in her and illustrates every nook and cranny of being a girl. From a girl’s struggles to the mood swings to ‘not-so-acceptable’ habits to the never-ending self-cleansing routines to relationship blues, HappyFluffComics manifests a millennial girl with all the little deets.

Source: Instagram | happyfluffcomics

Take a look!

#1 While on the inside you are grooving to the tunes and singing the lyrics, loud!

#2 When that pot belly just does not seem to deflate.

#3 The OCD that strikes just at the emergency of using a public toilet.

#4 Those winter nights of pee shivers while in bed!

#5 The ultimate boil down to that simple black outfit, no matter how many thousands of clothes we have.

#6 When reality strikes and is much beyond the ‘heavily fancy’ commercials.

#7 She captions this just apt: ‘Went in a size 7 came out a size 4!’

#8 Yeah! The addiction and the resultant pressure make a loop.

#9 The struggle is real, when they’re even more clingy than the duds around.

#10 Gosh! That’s when you free yourself off the ‘tenterhooks’!

#11 Can’t deny the truthfulness of this awkward situation.

#12 That’s like a punch in the back.

#13 When your face is splashed with acnes and you are just not in the mood for it!

#14 Ewww! The impending embarrassment of the absolutely unwanted sweating.

#15 The unnecessary obsession over the folds, they are just as natural as you and me, but the habit of self-thrashing always wins.

#16 For the salon lady always fails to satisfy us. Then the sweetness-dripping smile is another irritation!

#17 That’s like most of us, only our wardrobes get to enjoy them, and we are too lazy to deploy them!

#18 For everything my best friend’s is mine. Period.

#19 Secrets spilled!

#20 Well, let me tell you, this is an everyday scenario. *Tongue-in-cheek*

#21 That hallucination or the realisation, whatever fits and makes one feel good!

#22 ‘Cause nights have a magic of themselves and insomnia also sometimes works in favour.

#23 When the resolution of a diet lasts only as long as the freshness of the food.

#24 Why so sad, doll? Your happiness is much beyond the standard norms of the society.

#25 Can’t agree more! That’s like exactly what I do. Gosh. That’s a revelation and a realisation at the same time.