10+ Genius Designs That Deserve An Award

If you are tired of seeing the same type of pictures, then we will present some interesting pictures in front of you, seeing which you will be refreshed and entertained. This set of paintings is renowned for its exquisite artwork and ensures its place in the Museum of good’s quality Paintings. The given advertisements, architecture, and production will impress you so much that you will also be compelled to wonder why no awards were given to their artists. Here are our 15 collected photos taken from the SubReddit which we suggest you read in lockdown.

#1 An Elevator Button you can just Kick with your Feet

#2 The Perfect Business Card

#3 A Coffee Mug That Doesn’t Require a Coaster

#4 A Guinness Ad Updated for Modern Times

#5 The Coolest Window Washing Company of all Time

#6 A Water Fountain That Both Humans and Dogs can Use!!

#7 A Salted Caramel Lid That Looks Like a Movie Prop

#8 The Tokyo College of Music That Resembles Piano Keys

#9 McDonald’s Practicing Social Distancing

#10 This Little Picnic Table for Squirrels

#11 You can Smell this Cover

#12 A Chess Board that actually Tells you what Each Piece Does

#13 Can’t wait to go Shopping at the LEGO Store

#14 Star in your own National Geographic Documentary by taking this Bus

#15 A perfect Table for those with OCD