Artist Fused Simpsons With Horror Movie Characters & It’s Creepy

The 666th episode of The Simpsons will not take much time to come in front of fans and it will really be funny as “Treehouse of Horror” will launch in October which will feature Guillermo del Toro’s The Shape of Water and Netflix’s “Stranger Things”. 

People are seriously waiting for this and are curious as to what character will play in which episode and how it will end. They are already looking forward to seeing The Simpsons mix with their favorite genre.

But if you are on the list of big fans of The Simpsons then the wait is very difficult and keeping this in mind, the talented artist Pater Mahoney has created a new project Simpson meets Horror by spending several months on it. In his artwork, the artist has taken a lot of scenes from the movies like Nightmare on Elm Street, The Exorcist, Jaws, The Ring, and From Dust Till Dawn. The mashups are very creative as the characters have been transformed into horror movie icons.

So if you want to see this fan art then scroll down and you can follow the artist on Instagram


#1 One, two, Neddy’s coming..

#2 How will you call for help now?

#3 Mars attacks like Marge attacks.

#4 The power of Jazz compels you!

#5 From Dusk Till Dawn, Marge looks incredible though.

#6 Jaws. The shark should just go after the doughnut in the water.

#7 Welcome to Prime Time, Marge.

#8 Springfield Police have just unearthed some disturbing archival video footage.

#9 The Simpsons as Beetlejuice is brilliant.

#10 Chose the wrong day for swimming on Friday the 13th

#11 ‘Ghostbusters! Maggie as a ghost looks cute.

#12 Evil Dead? Nah, Evil Ned!

#13 Turn off the TV. Samar- Marge is coming!

#14 You better not fall asleep. Freddy will come for you.

#15 Gizmo, but played by Moe, so it’s Gizmo.

#16 We all float down here

#17 ‘This is the Adam’s Family. Simpsons who?

#18 Frankenstein, but where is little Maggie?

#19 The burnt skin won for me.

#20 I’m in danger.

#21 Some Disney inspiration too.

#22 The Beetlejuice family, but Bart’s character is nightmare fuel.

#23 With evil on her mind.