Funny Parenting Tweets That Perfect Reflect What It’s Like To Be A Parent

Parenting is very exhausting and the hardest work in this world. We get to see ups and downs, confusions, and funny anecdotes and these should be shared on the internet as well. Some stories are so funny that parents share them with people on Twitter. Due to no filter of any kind on children, it is very fun to watch them and they do what comes to their mind as they are the master of their minds. The immature nature of these children makes people happy by seeing their tweets. Below are some funny parenting tweets that will make you laugh a lot.

#1 He believes in himself, that’s a good thing.

#2 How Embarrassing!!

#3 Are you an optimist, a pessimist, or a parent?

#4 Her reaction says it all!!

#5 I like this kid

#6 The grass isn’t always greener on the other side

#7 Future Life Coach

#8 The perks of being a parent

#9 Like mother like daughter

#10 Stress Level Over 9000

#11 Ouch, that’s brutal

#12 He’s not wrong

#13 This kid is going places

#14 A little entrepreneur

#15 Thomas the Train is the creepiest character ever

#16 Rookie Mistake