Teacher Has Her 3rd Grade Students Asking Questions To God And Their Letters Are Beautifully Innocent

Jean Piaget, also a Swiss pioneer of child development, thought that children were unable to live in true devotion to God. And they just think of them as supersized and magical versions of their parents. Recent research shows that younger and older children support the view that 10 or 11-year-olds are incapable of creating an abstract conceptual framework necessary for a sufficient conception of God’s realization. Recently third-grade teacher proved this by asking her students to write a letter to God. Little kids write mind-blowingly innocent messages. Children’s naïve perception should be mentioned through these letters.

Gospel Josiah is a content writer and public relations expert and investigative journalist. She left these letters after a friend of hers in the United States although they would love them and sent them. Gospel Josiah told Bored Panda that she was fascinated by the minds of children. The artist wondered how children from such a young age could be so critical and concise about their desires. The artist feels that it was wonderful to see and read from the first letter to the last and they were left with no option but to share it with people on their social media platforms.

Gospel Josiah further told Bored Panda that most of her threads go viral because each of them, whether written by her or someone else, resonates around their critical thinking and insightful analysis of life. She further pointed out that one of the most controversial works in modern religious education becomes Goldman’s which made children respond to theological tests in their drawings and stories. As well as assessing the general readiness of children to acquire certain religious concepts. This test also contains three pictures and three Bible stories.