30 New Funny Comics With Dark Twisted Endings By Tony Esp

Comic artist Tony Esp said in his previous post that he creates random comics that make you think “wait… what?” after reading them and his comics are filled with hilarious and dark twisted endings.

When his comics runs in the usual manner so he doesn’t like that. Tony also editing video and sharing funny comics on Instagram. He shares his animation with his 38.3k followers.

I must say, most of the comics are easily relatable to people. Tony’s comics will undoubtedly cheer you up if you are into darker humor.

Source- Instagram


“My comics are… weird even for me. It can go from wholesome family content to alien sex and horror in an instant. If I had to describe them, I would say: WTF,” Tony esp described his comics.


When it comes to tony esp’s comics, it would be his quickly executed humor in just a few panels that coincide with what’s currently trending, whether that’s pop culture, games, music, or TV shows.


I’d like to believe that laughing at dark jokes does not make you a bad person, and as a study by Willinger, U., Hergovich, A., Schmoeger, M. in Cognitive Processing suggests— it’s true. If you enjoy inappropriate and darker jokes, you are not bad, just a smart one. And less aggressive. So feel proud when you chuckle at dark humor, although it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. Tony esp says that everything is possible in comedy.


“Dark humor is not for everyone, but I like to believe that nothing is off the table when it comes to comedy. Of course, I have my standards and preferences, so even I have my limits.”


“Some love, some hate them, and others are just indifferent… but I always loved hearing my readers’ opinions of my comics, especially if it’s criticism. It helps me improve in one way or another and if I’m in a good mood, I’ll even take the occasional ‘f*** you!'”