15 Funny Comics Reveal What Happens When You Become Too Comfortable In Your Relationship

If you have been in a relationship for so long that you can’t keep track anymore, you are aware that things are not exactly as mysterious, exciting and new as it was when you were just started your relationship and being a cute couple. When you are in a settled long- term relationship then it is so weird and awful sometimes. It indicates that you are so comfortable with who has been sharing your all these years, in spite of, it is really the true relationship goal.

A California based comic artist and a graphic designer Mary Park also known as Murrz understands this experience on a spiritual level and she told her true love story- both the good, the bad, and the slightly traumatizing- through Murrz, an illustrated girlfriend extraordinaire.

Mark is a professional cartoonist who loves cats, k- drama, and torturing her boyfriend and all of these are put in a highlight.

Though Park’s relationship comic series started back in June.

The comics are drawn in less than a year and in a quirky colorful style. The artist has gained a following of over 849k people on Instagram. Take a look at some of her comics below where she shows the beauty of relationship.

Source- Instagram

#1 I can feel this struggle

#2 The idea is hilarious

#3 I guess she is getting bored

#4 They are too comfortable

#5 Can’t find more weird people than this