This Artist Creates Funny Comics For Socially Awkward People (30 New Pics)

Are you guys socially awkward and have to face weird situations every day? So, you are not the only one. So, there are some people like you out there and face weirdly awkward situations. And, an artist created a comic, especially for socially awkward people. 

Meet artist Jane Zei who created a comic named The Pigeon Gazette. So, it is a web-comic that perfectly covers what a socially clumsy person has to go through every day. This web-comic is so popular, and jane’s hilariously weird comic gained her over 210k followers on Instagram. and the number of followers just keeps growing day by day.

So, you will find a nerdy girl in her comic who face all kind of social situations. And being a socially awkward person, you can find it painfully relatable.

Besides all this, artist Jane Zei has never taken any formal art training, but you can’t say it by seeing her creations. Moreover, the artist drawing since her childhood and has had fun while drawing. And, so it is quite impressive to see her like this, a successful artist. 

People think that 210k is not a great number, but I think the size of jane’s following should not be a determining factor of success. It’s her work, her creations, that matters! Because it’s the bravery, honesty, and work that separates you from the crowd.

Like we pointed out that the series revolves around a nerdy girl who struggles with social problems, love attractions, career but always appears to get by. So, she grows and shines from these experiences.

Therefore, from making small talk to dealing with the commitments of growing up, we’ve compiled some hilarious The Pigeon Gazette comics. So, go check out and have fun awkwardly.

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