20 Funny And Sarcastic Comics That Highlight Interesting Conflicts Occurring In Society (New Pics)

Russian talented artist Anton Gudim has received a lot of affection from his fans. And we are very happy to announce that now this artist is back with a new series. The talented artist is back on DeMilked with a tongue-in-check illustration series. As soon as his comics are published on our website, the love for his art has increased in the minds of people as well.

His fans laugh a lot on his comics and now comics have a different place in the hearts of his fans. Keeping in mind the entertainment of his fans, we have collected some more pictures of his artwork.

His next project “Yes, BUT” is short and completely satirical. After watching this, we are sure that his fans will go crazy with happiness. This project will seem to deal with many random topics and will also expose many contradictory things in it. The husk of their story is also the incident which keeps happening around us. Only then their fans get influenced by such incidents and connect them with themselves and are able to connect the story to the heart. You must have also seen such incidents happening many times around. It is because of such incidents that so much love for him is exposed by the fans. In his pictures, you will also get to see a turn of many deep accidents. Scroll down and enjoy the art.