Funny And Dark Comics With Unexpected Twists You Didn’t See Coming

Anyone who has an interest in comics in dark humor must be familiar with the famous artist Ryan Hudson. This famous artist hails from Salt Lake City, UT, and is the artist behind mind-blowing hilarious adult comics Channelate. Ryan’s passion for comics can be seen in his work as it is at its peak now. Also, he stated in an interview that the first cartoon he saw was on and since then he has made his mind to create web cartoons.

Earlier he used to display his deep dark humor among the people only through 3-4 panels, but now he has made it bigger on YouTube. He is now completely absorbed in this art. According to him initially, his dark webcomics inspiration was The Perry Bible Fellowship, Thingpart, and Cyanide and Happiness. His way of creating dark humor comics is unique and that is the reason why his humor oozes all the darkness that can make one laugh. His work can make you laugh until your stomach aches. The key to his success is consistency, talent, and effort. His comic Channelate has opened a lot of doors for him and he is thankful to all the fans for this.

Ryan said that it was challenging at some time but as writing and art were his own choice he learned a lot in it and we can see how his hard work paid off.

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#1 Request to the bear

#2 Stupid mistakes by Ghosts!!

#3 Right time right power..

#4 Kids never lie!!

#5 He wins!!!

#6 Tales of the Bigfoot

#7 Lucky Thief

#8 Don’t do acid, kids!!

#9 Wrong moment

#10 Waiting for an escape!!

#11 Mishaps

#12 Ghost got a taste of its own medicine

#13 She tried!!

#14 Did not see that coming

#15 Smart hiding place!!

#16 Too many years lost…

#17 Freud must be laughing from the hereafter

#18 That realization was true

#19 Kids just misunderstood him

#20 Father got good comebacks!!

#21 Adventures need some sound planning…

#22 How can one forget that??

#23 Adult Things…

#24 Smiles are only for the camera

#25 Wish we all had these powers

#26 Not for kids…

#27 Dark comedy be like….

#28 Boring Dates!!

#29 Hide the kids!!

#30 Assume to best in people!!