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30 Funniest Parenting Tweets Which Will Brighten-up Your Mind

Parents running here and there, do struggle to give happiness to their child. They have stress and their responsibility increases day by day. The American Psychological Association says- pleasure of different season can seem hidden on them as they do their best. It’s an unavoidable time of the year.

So, for your entertainment we have collected the most straightforward and funny parenting tweets. Check it out by yourself!!!

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“While conjuring up a festive family dream is wonderful in theory and comes with good intention, from a place of love, it can become a huge strain for parents both mentally and financially,” Broadbent said. “Debt is not just for Christmas, folks, it rolls on all year long, particularly when you overspend. Live within your means and that means on the Big Day too. The anxiety to keep up with the Joneses seems tenfold now that we’re bombarded with everyone else’s festive prep on our timelines, be it the ever-more-elaborate mischievous set-ups every year of that swine, Elf on the Shelf to virtual Santa visits and, worst of all, mountainous piles of presents in some sort of matching wrapping paper present Olympics by parents with their peers.”



“Think back to what you recall fondly from your own Christmases past in childhood… I’d put money on you remembering a few key Christmas gifts (me, a Cabbage Patch Kid I still own); decorating the tree, laying out the mince pie and carrot for Santa, and forcing your merry mum to watch Miracle on 34th Street for the millionth time with you.”


“No one could have foreseen a pandemic this year, which spoiled our planned gatherings, yet here we are. Budget for a Christmas you want for your family which includes a contingency plan and that won’t compromise your life for the other 11 months of the year. Remember, you are not expected to share this period online unless you want to, so don’t feel a duty or pressure to photograph and share your experiences on social media,” she said.


Written by Shavi

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