20 Hilarious Comics By ‘Bits & Pieces’ With Dark Endings

Some artists are making comics on everyday bit-of-life stuff and putting their own twists to it. But Bits & Pieces is creating some variety of stuff. They are creating things on controversial issues. So It’s all about Programming, Pop Culture, CoronaVirus, Us elections or anything which is trending. No worries you don’t have to be a developer or a news freak to understand these comics. you just need to be a little bit appreciative for the dark ways they’re ending.

So Let’s meet the brain behind the ‘Bits & Pieces’, Artist Harry. Harry is from Michigan and is a software engineer. so  engineer by the day and artist by the night, cool right. So His artwork is described as a ‘group of nerds’ taking a bite of life. Well Harry has been drawing since childhood. But he felt that just by drawing he could not make a solid career. So later he went to the software world to make a career.

Well he’s not the only mastermind behind the comic. Because Comic contains two other brains Ali and Carly. Ali & Carly both are Ph.D. students and are equally passionate about their work.

These comics might look innocent at first but I tell ya just wait until you read the dark unexpected endings. So I’m hella sure you’ll love these comics. 

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