Artist depicts her most frank friendship with Fiance in Funny Comics.

Artist Elsbro is a talented web-toon artist. You can read this talented artist’s webtoon series ‘Kim & Jay’ in both web-toons and tapas. This artist keeps showcasing her artwork with people and keeps sharing it on Instagram as well. This artist does artwork as well as commission work. Her comics are more on friendship and also on her strange funny stories. You will love seeing her artwork and you will be able to relate it to yourself. We hope you enjoy reading this artist’s fluffy comics and lighten your day. She keeps sharing artwork for her fans on her social media profiles. You can also share her comics with your friends. scroll down and enjoy the art. Follow the artist on Instagram Facebook Website

#1 After all not all men think about it!

#2 A short snuggle is all that he wants.

#3 He knows when to be there!

#4 What she meant when she said she had managed this LDR.

#5 These are the little things she likes.