French Street Artist Paints 3D Creature Graffiti And It’s Not For The Faint Of Heart (30 New Pics)

You must have seen the streets of your cities boring and dull many times. That’s why it’s a different experience to see so many amazing and creative street artists bring them to life. Not everyone likes these types of pictures. But seeing the work of this talented artist Pierrot (SCAF), you will also be shocked and will like it. The talented artist creates 3D graffiti illusions through his artwork. His artwork is amazing and it looks like someone is about to jump off the wall. This talented artist often photographs the places where he changes. He makes an ordinary wall look amazing with his art.

Pierrot started his own company where he used to create various artwork for the people. The artist has written on his website, showing his passion for drawing, that he founded his decoration company Graphodeco. The artist Pierrot has not studied in any kind of school to learn this fine art. Like other street artists, they have learned to work on their own by doing street art in the beginning. In an earlier interview, this artist said that he was inspired to make art by a friend from his school.

Artist Pierrot not only does street art but also creates interactive optical illusions. It is a big challenge to show such art. It must be a lot of experience to perform this kind of artwork that this artist holds.‌ He tries to make his art very funny so that people can take funny pictures with all the characters and animals.

When asked in an interview that what the goal of his street art is, then he told that the goal of his art is to make people laugh. Artist says that he has been drawing since he was young and his cousin attracted him a lot. The artist started Berber Graffiti with his friend in 2001. When the artist was asked which subject he chooses for his graffiti, he said that he does not prepare any kind of subject in his mind and just tries to keep his artwork fun and childish.

He further told that his style is mostly 3D and lives in cartoon style. The artist says that he watches a lot of cartoons and his goal is to solve everyday problems. Pierrot has been doing a painting for the last 20 years.

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