Footage shows moment police shoot Dallas airport shooting suspect

A woman was allegedly accused of opening fire inside a Dallas airport on Monday. The footage shows the moment police shot and injured the accused woman. 

The woman in question is 37-year-old Portia Odufuwa. The incident took place around 11 a.m. when Odufuwa arrived at the airport and entered a washroom. She came out of there, pulled out a handgun, and begin shooting while aiming it at the ceiling.

The footage shows travelers at the airport ducking in fear followed by the accused screams. The video further shows an officer with his gun drawn race toward the area where the suspect was as authorities can be heard yelling to stay down and not to move.

Luckily an officer was at the scene and shot Odufuwa in the lower extremity. After that, she was taken into custody and soon taken to the hospital. No one else was injured in the incident.

The motive behind the shooting is yet to be disclosed but the charges on Odufuwa have been announced. 

The airline passengers had a very unnerving experience.

One of the passengers said while explaining the incident “the crowd started running towards us and saying ‘run’ and ‘active shooter.’ ”

“At first, I just saw a teenage girl running and thought, ‘she’s just trying to catch a flight, and then behind her, a whole crowd just running,” Smith said. “In the climate, we are in now with all the shootings we had, people just reacted.”