Florida Police Sergeant Who Grabbed Fellow Officer by Her Throat Charged with Battery and Assault

Authorities announced that a Sunrise, Florida police sergeant was seen by bodycam video holding another officer by the neck. He was charged in connection to the incident.

According to Broward State Attorney Harold F. Pryor, Christopher Pullease, 47, was charged with four offenses for his conduct. it included battery and assault on law enforcement officers.

Pullease was arrested for allegedly “intentionally touching or striking the female officer against her will”, assaulting her with pepper spray and also threatening male civilian by holding pepper spray to hir face. It also stated that Pullease faces a charge for tampering evidence.

Sergeant Christopher Pullease was implicated in an incident that occurred in November 2021, which led to a joint criminal investigation by the Sunrise Police Department and the Broward State Attorney’s office, Sunrise police stated in a Thursday statement. Sergeant Pullease was on administrative leave throughout this investigation.

According to a Sunrise police press release, the incident was first reported by CNN affiliate WSVN in January.

WSVN spoke exclusively with Anthony W. Rosa, Chief SPD, who said that he felt it was important to share the bodycam footage of the incident. He stated that it’s vital to be transparent.

CNN is working to get the video from the body-worn camera. WSVN received an edited version from SPD.

According to the chief, the suspect was placed under arrest on November 19, 2021 for a violent felony. Chief Rosa stated in January that Pullease approached the suspect once he was inside the patrol car. He engaged in a verbal altercation in a way I felt was inappropriate and unprofessional.

The chief said that Pullease was allegedly shouting at the suspect while holding his pepper spray can. Although he didn’t use the spray the sergeant’s actions elevated the suspect’s demeanor.

The incident was captured on the bodycam video. A female officer ran to Pullease and grabbed him by the belt, pulling him away from a suspect in a police car.

Pullease then turns to grab the officer by her neck and pushes her backward, as the edited video from the department shows.

Rosa stated that the sergeant’s movements are stopped when his back touches a nearby police car. Rosa also said that he immediately relieved the sergeant from his supervisory duties and ordered an investigation into internal affairs.

Court records show that Pullease was arrested on Thursday and pleaded not guilty to all four charges held on him at an arraignment hearing.