Twitter Thread Is Explaining How Toxic Femininity Is Equally Bad

It’s too common to see how most of the time, men are being called toxic over a few bad guys (that includes women) when clearly, not all are the same. We have to understand that toxicity does not exist in gender – not all men or women are toxic; it is just a few people who are toxic that can be a girl as well. So, always blaming an entire male gender for the act of toxicity is relatively wrong.

Here are the few twitter tweets that show boys are always not responsible for toxicity.

The Hardest Thing To Catch Is Emotional Manipulation.

Sadly, The Term Exist But No One Follow What It Means.

Being A Woman Doesn’t Justify All Your Doings Are Right.

Some Light On Toxic Femininity!

As Again Not All But Some Do Take The Advantage.

Apply To All! Open Your Brain And Think Again!

The Last Comment Should Be Read Carefully. That Guy Has A Serious Point.