Stunning Female Fitness Influencers That Prove Muscles Are Beautiful

People have come to accept more than just your usual slim, supermodel-like bodies in a time of body positivity. It’s pretty obvious here that you’re just like us, who love spending hours on Instagram seeing the amazing bodies of women who hit the gym. Those pounds of weights and hours hitting the treadmill really paid off for them!

They are beautiful, but their amazing fitness bodies are goals that motivate us to move as well. It’s just super inspiring when we see their pictures from before the workout and see just how far they’ve come. Sometimes it takes weeks, months, or maybe even years, but everyone has their own pace. Scroll on and give them a follow for more inspiring posts from these fitness-lovers.

#1 Anna Victoria

#2 Paige Hathaway

#3 Lita Lewis

#4 Karina Elle

#5 Anllela Sagra