Heartbreaking Works By the First Female Afghan Street Artist

Taliban has occupied Afghanistan and it threatens Afghan citizens and their lives how they will be safe now. But as I’m not from Afghanistan and an outsider it becomes more difficult for me to understand what is going on with these people and how fear has been created among people.

Shamsia Hassani is Afghanistan’s first female street artist who lives in the hearts of people through her art. She studies at Kabul University. Hassani’s ability is working on canvas or the wall of a building ruined by a bombing. However, her art emphasizes and portrays the role of women in a male-dominated society, as well as empowering them to win and come out of this terrifying. Her homeland is enslaved by the Taliban but her will is strong and she calls it her home.

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Shamsia Hassani was born in Iran in 1988 to‌ Afghan origin parents and had to face a lot of difficulties since childhood. Because there was no law in Iran and there was no government approval to work there.



After her 8 years, the other nine artists showed no interest in doing art-related work but Shamsia liked it. She hides the bullets and cracks there with her art and entertained the people there through her art.




When Shamsia came to exhibit her art, she faced many difficulties, her country was in the same crisis and the people there were not promoting art and the other problem was that no one wanted painting on their walls.





Shamsia said that after the end of the Taliban rule in 2001, there were many improvements in the conditions of women, and they also got rights, but now things have taken a different turn with the Taliban coming back.

Hassani is safe, but she is disappointed and sad as she has left her country.





I have played my full role through my paintings. The most important thing is that I understand well the sufferings of a woman and being a woman, we are subjected to a lot of oppression as compared to fellow men. But I will not give up and fight for women’s rights with my artwork.