17 Texts Sent by Fathers with a Great Sense of Humor Relationships.

We have seen our mother and father behaving differently towards us, which makes us think that both of them must have studied in different parenting schools.  Because our mother is where we are always worried, she tries to be strict in front of us, on the contrary, our father is very cheerful and worry-free. This behavior of his attracts a lot of children; he has a very good sense of humor. In the illustration given below, the child tells his father that he’s going to the party and the father jokingly asks for alcohol, drugs and the son refuses for both, then the father asks for love, then the son refuses him too. Then the father says funnily, ‘then why are you going there?” It shows the father’s cheerful and great sense of humor. This also shows how friendly the father is with his child.

Bright Side’s 17 wonderful texts prove that no one in this world loves us more than our parents. They are the best people for us in this world and they have set an example for us. Scroll down and read all of them as you would definitely relate to them.