Fascinating Tumblr Posts That Could Make You Rethink About Disney Movies

The fantastic movies of Disney involve loads of hidden messages that one cannot notice without focusing. Most people are not aware of these little secrets that make such beloved movies more interesting. Tumblr users analyze these tiny details and create entire situations from them. Such websites are bizarre for sharing perspectives and stories providing a unique online space where people can share their views on the world. One can observe the craziest theories over there, and some of them make picture-perfect sense. 

These Tumblr posts offer a new appreciation of some of the wonderful moments and characters from Disney movies. Fans across the world visit Tumblr to share their love and desire for the beloved Disney films they grew up watching. If you have never seen Tumblr posts yet, then don’t worry. Here, you will find some of those amazing posts that will make you rethink many things about Disney movies you never thought of before. 


#1 Fireflies 

#2 Super creature

#3 Pooh

#4 Wallpaper changes into crossbones 

#5 Goofy movie

#6 One with glowing hair

#7 Silly name

#8 Cinderella never asked for a prince

#9 Ariel arguing with her parents

#10 Short or long hair

#11 How to be cute and frightening

#12 The lady waved back

#13 Retired joke

#14 Belle does not have time for games

#15 Kronk’s voice 

#16 Mickey and Donald have different perspectives

#17 Hans- A criminal