Fascinating Things That Make Japan A Very Special Country

Special Things which we can see only in japan

Japan is a well-known country in the world. They are economically balanced and very possessive of their culture, that’s why they are still following them strictly. Their culture is different from other countries but it is very beautiful to see when they follow their culture.

Japan is known for its weird inventions and things. Whenever we hear the word Japan only particular things come to our mind like Anime, Cherry blossoms, Bullet trains, and Mount fuji. But trust me when you see this article you will be shocked, because there are many weird things which Japan produce. And I bet you also want to try those things but those special things are available only in Japan.

Now we’ll don’t waste time and directly move to the list and see the weirdly special list of Japan.


1. Crystal cola


2. Special pathways for Tortoise Under railway tracks


3. Outward-facing seats, so you can enjoy the scenery


4. Private tables in some restaurants, literally no one can see you there. And one window will open serve you food and then it will be closed


5. Koi fish who created a world record for living 226 years (1751- 1977)


6. Ancient Japanese method to produce lumber without cutting a tree, called “Daisugi”


7. Handwash sink attached to toilet flush. It saves a lot of water


8. Flood in Japan, barely you will see any trash


9. The whole tree relocated to make a road


10. Gum comes with a stack of paper, making disposal easy


11. You can visit this stop by train only, so you can appreciate the nature and leave when the next train arrives


12. This 400-year-old Bonsai tree survived the atomic bombing, earthquakes, and tsunami


13. ‘Only women’ car in subways


14. Water sprinklers on the road so they will not freeze. Actually, the underground water is hot so it helps ice to melt


15. Food in hospital


16. This is not painting, this is rice paddy. Some farmers grow some specific rice to make a beautiful artwork


17. Unique way to strike


18. Railway staff really pop out like this when you ask for help


19. In Kyoto, Japan, this man plays flute on street with his dog in this attire for money


20. Pets button in the elevator, so the pet owner can press it after the ride, and HEPA filter purifies the air before the next ride