Japanese Safari Park: A Rare Scene To Behold When Baby Lion And Tiger Cub Are Found Inseparable

Nature always shows us what we expected least. Tiger and lion are different species and they can’t be friends. But what these photographs say is something totally different from these. Lion cub and tiger cub of African Safari park situated in Oita Prefecture, Japan, are behaving like best friends.

They play together, sleep together and eat together and the most interesting thing is adult tigers and lions never attack the cub. When the Safari park has posted these pictures it leaves everyone shocked and emotional. Because this is the least expected thing by everyone. When you see their pictures your heart will be filled with emotions too. See the whole article and tell us do you ever witness something that is naturally unexpected?

Look in this picture how they are playing with each other. Like two human babies who don’t know the difference between rich and poor or black and white.

These cubs are miracles, they show love towards other animals too. In this picture see how the tiger cub is nuzzling rabbit. And even the rabbit is not terrified.

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