15 Fascinating Photos Of The 21st Century

We all came into the 21st Century together and created some beautiful memories but in this article, we will see the images which leave a huge impact on the world population. These images are about love, invention, loss, innocence, and despair. Some are happy, and some will make us sad but every image has its own story. And the story is something that makes the image beautiful.

We collected the images from the whole world which makes it more beautiful. The list is too beautiful which makes it more difficult to choose one, but my personal favorite is #17. See the whole list and tell us which is your favorite and share it with your friends. I truly hope you enjoy it.

1. World welcomes the new Century.

Here is the first image of the 21st century from Australia(2000). The beauty of this image can’t be matched.

2. Rest In Peace soldier

Zanjeer the Bomb dog was honored for saving thousands of life by final rituals(2000).

3. Say Hi to technology.

Steve Jobs introduced the new Music device iPod (2001).

4. President Bush’s horrible reaction

President Bush’s reaction when he heard about the second plane striking on 9-11. At that time he was reading a book for elementary kids in Florida (2001).

5. Flag on the ruin of World Trade Centers

Firefighters raising the American flag on the ruins of World Trade Centers (2001).

6. Discovery of Ancient art

12,000 years old artwork was discovered in France by Archaeologists (2001).

7. Afghan woman after Taliban’s Sharia law

Teenage Afghan women without a burkha in a public place after Taliban’s Sharia law for 5 years. (2001)

8. People gathered near well in the Gujarat village

People gathered water from a well. The image is of Natwarghad a village in Gujarat. One Billion people still are not in access to clean drinkable water (2003).

9. Ballerinas practice with the mask

Ballerinas practice when the SARS outbreak in the world and all girls are practicing in medical masks(2003).

10. Power cut in Newyork

There is a huge power cut in Newyork which put the whole city in Darkness (2003).

11. No more dictatorship

U S Marine watching a statute of Irag’s President Saddam Hussein falls in a central Baghdad (2003).

12. Soldier and a kid

U S Marine hold a kid after she was separated from her family during a firefight (2003).

13. President Bush delivered a speech after The Mission Accomplished

President Bush was addressing the sailor after completing the mission and declaring the end of combat in Iraq (2003).

14. Break of Columbia Space shuttle

Columbia space shutter broken into pieces at the time of re-entering (2003).

15. Image before disaster

The first wave of the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami. It is the cause of death of 2,00,000 people (2004