‘Fallen Princesses’: The Amazing Photos of Depressed Disney Royalty

Generations of children from all over the world have grown up idolizing and aspiring to be like Disney Princesses and believing in “happily ever after”.

But what if these endings are not happily ever after?

Photographer Dina Goldstein shot a series of photos of Disney princesses living in the real world and facing all the problems we would face.

Dina is in her 40s and lives in Vancouver, British Columbia, and had been a photographer for more than 20 years. She started ‘the Fallen princess’ series in 2007 and it took her 2 years to complete.

#1 Ariel

Here the picture of ariel trapped in an aquarium represents the human inclination toward using beautiful creatures for our own entertainment.

#2 Snow White

Snow White and her prince is exiled from their kingdom and they are living in suburbia with no domestic help for snow white and no jobs for the prince.

So now they are trapped in a domestic hell.

#3 Pocahontas

She is suffering from depression after waiting for her love for so long and does not leave her house now. 

 #4 Princess and the Pea

Dina wanted to make a statement about the amount of garbage we are producing by this picture.

#5 Cinderella

Cinderella has trouble conceiving and she has tried everything. Hence she has lost hope and hit the bar.

#6 Rapunzel

This picture is so powerful because it shows Rapunzel suffering from cancer and losing her hair. 

#7 Belle

Belle has always been the beautiful one and now she thinks that all she has got so she is trying to hang on to it.

#8 Jasmine

Jasmine is a soldier and has gone to defend her country.

#9 Sleeping Beauty

She is still sleeping and never woke up but everyone around her is old and grey. Even her prince is old waiting for her to wake up.