22 Images Re-imagined by Great Artist With Fabulous Disney Characters

Usually, we have a piece of mind thinking an artist can only design the best art and paintings. Also, many people believe that those who are working in the art sphere are the only masters in the artwork. However, some people think that the fact is not always actual. Everyone should get a chance to learn something new and unique, and so does an artist.

So, here is the drawing by a Spanish graphic designer Carlos Gromo to keep you memorizing different paintings in a better way. It is excellent to remember the characters of Disney land. Carlos Gromo has worked very hard on these characters so that people can always recognize them. Here are his fundamental illustrations with the paintings.

sources: Instagram | Facebook | Etsy

#1 Beauty and Beast consist of a very loving couple. 

#2 Sleeping Beauty makes us remember the rich and royal beauty.

#3 The characters of Hercules show the beauty of nature.

#4 The 101 Dalmatians consist of a very loyal family with dogs.

#5 The beauty and beast express the beauty of women. 

#6 The beauty and beast show that true love does not comprise of looks. 

#7 Peter pan expresses the magical world.

#8 The princess and the frog show the beauty of life. 

#9 The beauty and beast offer a great lesson of revenge.

#10 Cinderella is all about the perfect beauty of a young girl. 

#11 The little mermaid show provides the view of the new world of mermaids.

#12 Cinderella always helps in providing knowledge of self-development.

#13 Snow White offers the remake of The Fairy Wood. 

#14 Thumbelina expresses the nature and beauty of spring for lovers.

#15 The Little Mermaid has remade after the perfect show named Precious Moments. 

#16 Peter pan offers the popularity of boy the same as Hylas and the Water Nymphs. 

#17 Cinderella expresses the hardship of a girl as similar to the classic show named ‘rest in the harvest.’ 

#18 Tarzan has always provided real adventures like ‘The Sorceress’ classic show. 

#19 The little mermaid provides the perfect view of girls in water.


#20 Snow White has specially re-imagined after the making of ‘at the edge of the brook.’ 

#21 The sleeping beauty surely offers the remake of ‘Hermes and Venus gazing into a mirror’ show.

#22 Disney family consists of enjoyable and funny characters as similar to ‘A tale from Decameron’ show.

So, are you also ready with your new drawings with an original description? Its time to show your talent too and the inspiration is an artist like Carlos Gromo.