Ex-wrestler Virgil claims he’s had sex with one million women

Former wrestler Virgil claimed he had sex in the past with a million women. But it is safe to say that these numbers aren’t adding up now.

The suggestion was made by Michael Jones, a WWE veteran who made it during a recent appearance at The Breadstick Diaries podcast.

Vinny Vegas was Vingil’s host and Virgil answered a few questions. One of them was: “What is your number Virgil? How many girls?”

He was happy to oblige.

Virgil claims to have slept with one million women. Credit: YouTube

“I don’t know, maybe… worldwide?” He says it is probably a million.

Vinny cannot controls and burst out in his laughter and tells him, “Virgil! Come on, a million?”

He defended his claim and said: “Yep, there’s like how many people in this world?”

Vinny asks Vinny: “So, you’re claiming now, that you’re telling, I’m estimating the number of women with whom you had sex is ?” million”?

Virgil replied that it could have been, and the interviewer pointed out that his number was more than Ric Flair’s count.

Although he seemed very certain that he has been with so many women in his life, viewers were there to refute his extravagant claims.

The WWE star made a name for himself in the late 80s and early 90s. Credit: WWE

One commenter said: “Okay, I did some math: Virgil is born April 7, 1951. He has been with an average of 37.5 mins per woman since his birth to reach the count of 1,000,000 women in his lifetime.

Another replied, “I did the math too, over 40 years of wrestling. An average of 60 per day can make him reach the million mark.

Another commented, “No way. Ric Flair was THE man and had 10,000+. Sorry, Virgil/Vincent/Soul Train Jones I don’t believe it.”

Yes, Virgil may have thrown a million in this proverbial d**k-swinging contest. But it seems he was exaggerating a little.

While we’re on topic, Ric Flair claims that he has slept with more than 10,000 women during his WWE career.

In 2017, in ESPN’s documentary about his life and career as a Nature Boy, the 73-year-old made these claims.

You can crunch the numbers by saying that Flair, who has been sexually active from 16 years old, has been betrothed three women per week for 54 year on average.

His lothario lifestyle was completely opposite that of Hulk Hogan (80s icon who played an American hero) and was a huge fan favourite.

What was the man’s explanation of this difference? He stated, quite simply, that he was selling vitamins and milk, and I was selling sex and booze.”