Former Police Officer Makes £1.3 Million On OnlyFans In Just 1 Year After Quitting Job

This ex-police officer who ditched ‘male-dominated’ force in favour of starting an OnlyFans page is already a MILLIONAIRE – despite keeping her content ‘tame’. She is now working full-time as an adult model on OnlyFans. The cop, identified as Charlotte Rose, has become a millionaire barely a year after leaving her job. Through roleplaying for fans, Charlotte claims she’s worth over £1 Million. The 27-Year-Old from Essex had initially started modeling and joined a friend for a test shoot where she posed beside expensive sports cars, including Lamborghinis.

She has specifically joined OnlyFans in 2016 and kept her content tame

Charlotte Rose, 27, has become a millionaire barely a year after leaving her police officer job for OnlyFans

2018 was the time when Charlotte started taking her content seriously, dedicating 14 to 16 hours daily.

Her favorite is the freedom of being her boss

Through roleplaying for fans, Charlotte is now worth over £1 Million

In one of her interview she has also mentioned that “I’ve always wanted to be a vet growing up and got into Cambridge University but decided to defer my place for a year. Someone suggested I look into being a dog handler with the police in that time, so I applied and planned to work my way.”

She added: “I passed my qualifications, but it became apparent very quickly that it wasn’t for me, and the job was very male-dominated. I knew I could spend ten years trying to get into the dog unit, and it could never even happen, so I quit after one year when I was 20 years old.’

Presently, Charlotte’s earning has soared between £115, 000 and £150,000 monthly.

She’s is also in the top 0.09% of creators of OnlyFans.

She also wants to change thinking of people who see the forum as a place for only porn, but it isn’t.

She is also invested her money in purchasing a property, a purple Lamborghini, and setting up her own Amazon supplementary company.

Charlotte giving one of her online interviews

Charlotte said the hardest part of being on OnlyFans is the competition with other women who want to take her place