34 Evil Versions Of All Of Your Favorite Characters From DC And Marvel Comics


There is no one place for art. Art can be found anywhere in this world. This art can be in many different shapes, forms, and styles. The biggest feature of art is that it does not fascinate anyone, it can be made from any material. Artifacts are like nonverbal language. We can also call art a reflection of true inner feelings. We can know through the art that how strong is the talent of the artist. All types of artists are known for the artist’s art.

Being an artist is one of the most wonderful and peaceful work. It makes you forget all your limits and help you get absorbed in performing their art. You can explore and express yourself freely. But you all also have to accept that art is not just a common thing. Artists have to face a lot of criticism in this society and this criticism cannot be as big. Not everyone can handle criticism. People should also understand that criticism can affect the mindset of anyone. Art takes us to a different place and plays an important role in broadening our minds. Every artist always has a different unique style like every person is different from each other similarly every artist’s artwork is also different.

Artists nowadays are taking their art to a new level. You will be impressed by seeing them because they have unique talents. These pictures are amazing and it also shows the unique talent of the artist. This artist is truly commendable. We bring you some amazing DC and Marvel Comics characters created by amazing artists. The characters in these pictures are changed to make them much more interesting and entertaining. Scroll down and enjoy this art

#1 Superman.

#2 Captain America.

#3 Thor.

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#4 Bane

#5 Batman

#6 Black Widow.

#7 Bullseye

#8 Hawkeye

#9 Captain New World

#10 Carnage

#11 Darkside

#12 Deadpool

#13 Death Knight.

#14 Deathstroke

#15 Nightwing

#16 Iron Dark.

#17 Iron Spider Man.

#18 Iron Man.

#19 Aquaman

#20 Cyborg

#21 Wonder Woman.

#22 Swap Thing.

#23 Quicksilver

#24 Raven

#25 Flash

#26 Hulk

#27 Scarlet Witch.

#28 Vision.

#29 Wolverine + Carnage

#30 Thanos



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