Artist Hilariously Illustrates Everyday Life With Her Fiancé And Their Four Cats, And We Can’t Get Enough (30 New Pics)

Making everyday content and being relatable to a large chunk of the audience is always challenging. An England-based artist Sarah Graley shows it so effortlessly as she draws her comics. She is a cartoonist and creates web-comics which definitely will tickle your funny bones.
This 30-year-old artist’s take on relationships and pets is hilarious. Sarah is blessed with a witty sense of humor. She is best known for comics like – Our Super Adventure, and the Kim Reaper comic series. These comics are entertaining and relatable in every aspect. The reason behind it is that Sarah has based these on her real-life instances.
Her comics have characters inspired by her life, like her fiancé Stef and her four cutest cats: Pesto, Toby, Wilson, and Pixel.

She beautifully captures the stages of her relationship with them and presents them in the form of these light-hearted comics. Her comics are full of cute and weird stuff. All the illustrations are bright and happy, enough to put a smile on your face.
Her relationship with Steph is just so sweet and wholesome.
Sarah and Steph have known each other for the last 11 years. Now they are happily engaged.
She is a proud cat mother and loves her cats so much.
All of her four cats are related to each other. Firstly they had only two cats i.e Pesto and Toby from the same litter. Then Pesto gave birth to two adorable cats i.e – Wilson and Pixel. Sarah and her fiance decided to keep them too, and now they live like a big happy family.

Sarah has more than 650k followers on Instagram.Super Adventure. is one of Sarah’s cutest web-comic series.

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