Artist Draws Everyday Life Of Superheroes In 30 Hilarious Comics

The Lucas Nascimento comics are very famous and speak a million words in themselves. Brazilian illustrator named Dragonarte on Instagram has put this comic on Marvel and DC Universe. This artist’s comic is mind-blowing and cleverly illustrated. This talented artist’s past art shows what superheroes look like as kids which went viral and people give lots of love. In this comic, the talented artist imagines the everyday lives of popular pop culture superheroes and villains.

This designer has proved with his creative talent that he can portray popular characters even in his environment. In this, the artist has shown the different parts of the superhero, and his quirky works very well. As in Nascimento’s latest, Superman can be seen applying a little hairspray to become someone else. We appreciate his work because it seems human to some extent. It will make you happy too. Scroll down and enjoy.

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#1 Isn’t Batman Worthy To Raise Thor’s Hammer?

#2 This Should Be One Of Spiderman’s Nightmare

#3 If You’ve Watched Deadpool, You Should Know Superheroes Are Into Pranking

#4 Here’s Iron Man Thinking Of A Latest Technology In Human-Machine Symbiosis

#5 The Eye Rays Seem Effective But Literally…..

#6 Like They Say, One’s Looks And Action Can Be Deceiving

#7 When Batman Is Turned Into An Umbrella

#8 Thor, It’s Clear You’re The Only One Who Can Lift It

#9 Batman And The Close Friend Who Tucks Him In

#10 Thor, The God Of Thunder, Don’t Be Upset. Here’s Your Desired Look

#11 Wolverine Does Paint His Nails And Claws

#12 You Can’t Be Good At All Times. Spiderman Got His Fair Share

#13 You Will Agree That Batman Will Always Be The Bigger Man

#14 Here’s Spiderman Giving A Drinking Tip – ‘Keep Your Eyes Open

#15 When You Can’t Do Much, Find Creative Solutions

#16 Spiderman, What Were You Thinking About?

#17 No Matter Your Size, You’ll Find The Right Friend At The Barbershop

#18 Is That A Bird? A Plane Or A School Bus?

#19 Here’s Superman Applying A Bit Of Hairspray To Become Someone Else

#20 It Turned Out Superheroes Does Have Superpower Pets

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