22 Hilarious Yet Relatable Illustrations About Struggles Of Every Girl

Get ready to explore your life by exposing it. Sasha Tsoy is a talented artist in the slice-of-life field. Artist Sasha Tsoy has made a place in the hearts of many people through her artwork. This talented artist mostly loves to make comics about the struggles of life. Many girls go through these struggles of life and the artist loves to portray them. The artist is very popular among the people and has more than 75k followers on her Instagram platform. Fans of the artist are very much impressed by her sense of humor. You will fall in love with this artist’s work after reading it.

The artist wants to do something different through her artwork so that people’s stress is reduced a little and their day becomes lighter. The artist tries her best to create an impression of herself in the minds of people through her art. You will also get to see a lot of humor and bizarre incidents in the art of this. This time we are presenting to you some of the comic and talented work of this artist. You will feel great after reading these. You can also follow her on Instagram to stay connected with this artist’s artwork.

#1 Coping with diet

#2 Airport hairstyle

#3 Wiping up makeup

#4 Perks of long hairs

#5 What purpose does it serve?

#6 Hair waving

#7 Fabulous night!

#8 What a smile looks like!


#9 Fit jeans

#10 Red lipstick

#11 Hair falls

#12 All you wanted was just straight hair

#13 The pain

#14 Bangs

#15 You like it natural?

#16 Oh, yes, much better!

#17 How do they do it?

#18 Influencers only

#19 Anywhere but there!

#20 When you tell them you’re an introvert