10+ Celebs Who Rocked The World’s Most ‘Uncomfortable’ Outfits Ever

When watching an award show or perhaps any expensive ticket event, the one thing most people enjoy, including you (possibly), is celebrity appearances and their outfits on the red carpet. Their team of stylists and designers literally spends weeks selecting out the perfect look, ranging from fancy costumes, hair, and makeup, to walk down the carpet in all glory. However, it turned a few celebs enjoy challenging the fashion world, opting for daring outfits as an appearance.

From the barely-there dresses to gravity-defying bedazzled ensemble that weigh a ton, we’ve compiled a list of your favorite celebrities who have fearlessly walked the carpet in sheer outfits. As it appears, some celebrities can go to lengths, and indeed, they do deserve respect. Besides, you definitely will agree that beauty is undeniably a pain to bear no matter what. Well, do enjoy the list!

#1 Lady Gaga

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Gaga Rocked The Meat Dress For 2010 Video Music Awards. The Dress, Including Boots, Were All Made Of Raw Beef.

#2 Rihanna

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Rihanna’s Custom-Made Gown By Designer Adam Selman Comprised Of A Total Of 216,000 Swarovski Crystals.

#3 Amber Rose

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Amber Rose’s Ultimate Body Chains Dress Hung Really Low And YES; It’s Considered An Outfit As She Appeared For The 2014 Video Music Awards.

#4 Gigi Hadid

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#5 Nicki Minaj

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This Nicki Minaj Outfit Isn’t The Description For Comfy.