Employees rescued after getting trapped in vat of chocolate

While it might sound like every chocoholic’s dream, getting trapped up to your waist in a vat of chocolate is no laughing matter. Two employees at a Mars Wrigley factory in the US have found out the hard way when they got trapped in the confectionary. And no, they didn’t try to eat their way out of their predicament.

The two workers at the factory, which is located in the Elisabethtown borough of Lancaster County in Pennsylvania, and mainly produces M&M’s, had to be rescued by a team of firefighters, having fallen into the vat and becoming stuck and colleagues were not able to free them.

It is reported that the workers were cleaning when they fell into the molten chocolate. They were wearing protective clothing for this, which it is thought helped to protect them from the potential for suffering any burns from the chocolate, although it melts at 45 degrees, which is slightly higher than the average bath temperature. However, as it started to solidify, they became trapped.

The firefighters couldn’t pull the workers out either, so in the end a hole had to be cut into the vat and the chocolate drained out. The workers were trapped for more than an hour before they were freed.

However, the incident ended without tragedy, as the workers were uninjured from their experience, although they were taken to hospital for a precautionary check over before being released home, presumably to have a good wash.

Mars Wrigley have praised the quick work of the firefighters to ensure that the workers escaped without injury.