14 Of The Most Hilariously Embarrassing Text Fails Ever Sent

As we are aware, autocorrect is a software function that automatically makes corrections for mistakes in spelling or grammar made while typing. It is a very helpful invention but sometimes it convert into the communication leading to ridiculous text fails. It speaks on our behalf even without prior notice. It becomes the enemy of ourselves to take over our personal lives.
We have all been there: you send a personal text to the wrong person. Whether you were tired or your finger just touched down in a slightly lower spot than you intended and if you didn’t think while typing your text and hit send button, it’s always embarrassing.
Comedian and Night time Talk-show host, Jimmy Fallon launched the hashtag #textfail on his twitter and people’s response were insane.

From the person who accidentally called her friend fat, to the woman who thought wrong about the poop emoji, people wasted no time in sending him their funniest, weirdest and most embarrassing stories. Here we have collected some of our favourite auto correct sabotages. Scroll down and check it out.

Source:- sadanduseless

#1 I see where you went wrong

#2 Introducing

It seems that technology is saying “I am smarter that you, so I will take over”.

#3 Few words can make a huge difference

If autocorrect was a person, it sure is a know-it-all with an attitude.

#4 Oh my!

#5 A different kind of failure

#6 Maybe your phone knew something you didn’t

#7 Oppsss!!!

#8 Friendship Over

#9 One letter makes a huge difference

#10 Yikes

#11 Hilarious

#12 Freak

#13 Mom got it wrong

#14 Won’t bring him