19 Of The Dumbest Things Pets Have Ever Done Shared By Their Owners

Not every animal has a high IQ like humans. Some are dumb and silly which makes them cute. Might be they are intelligent but they do such silly things for the attention and love of their owner. We all know dogs chase their tail, is there any sense in it? No, right but we all love this activity, this makes them cute.

It is not like only animals are dumb, but sometimes we also do some stupid things. And pets are just our reflection, they also do some dumb things.

In this article, we collected stories shared by some owners about ‘how dumb are their pets’.So scroll to the end and enjoy this funny article and also share your pet’s story with us in the comment section.

1. Pitbull and leaves phobia

One day my pitbull was playing in the garden and he starts barking and growling. It was strange because he rarely does that. I went outside to see what’s the matter, and I saw him barking on the ground. I think there must be a toad or mouse. But when I reached near him, there was nothing bus grass and dead leaf.

I picked the leaf and crush it and then he like ‘Ohhh, I’m sorry ‘.

2. Intelligent master

My dog loves my front garden so much, that’s why she doesn’t leave it. So I ranged the doorbell and she ran into the house to see who is there.

3. Gift for master

One day I woke up because my cat was making some noise. I thought something was not good and went to check her. She was waiting outside for me to open the gate. There was something in her mouth, due to low light I wasn’t unable to see it properly. She ran inside and put a bag of bagels on my bed. She just wants to say thank you for love and care.

4. Still Waiting

My dogs always come to the window by 4 pm to see me coming from the office. They still do it and ignore the fact that I’m working from home for 1 year.

5. Multitasker cat

My cat is such a cute little devil. One day she was running around us. And then her ear started itching, so she sat on the floor and started scratching it. But meanwhile, she saw that her leg was dirty and she has to clean it. And in last we saw her kicking on her face which was scratching her ear and she was licking the same leg to clean it.

6. Bad Butt

She farted and then looked at her butt and growled at it.

7. Catty attitude

My cat has a classic attitude, whenever she falls off something instead of getting embarrassed she starts licking her feet “yeah I want to do this”.  We can’t match her attitude.

8. Snake was high

Last night my snake missed a rat and instead bites himself., and then he freaked out that someone is biting him. I think he was high last night.

9. Suicidal jump

I have a goldfish who loves food so much. At the time of feeding, she literally jumps out of the bowl and land in my hand. Such a stupid creature but I still love her.

10. Sleepy shepherd

We have a German Shepherd, one night I and my wife was enjoying the BBQ in our garden. He was sleeping near us dreaming about treat and dreamland. Suddenly we hear a loud lightning strike. He woke up instantly while in a semi-sleep. And started running in the garden without consciousness.

And then he jump on the bouncy castle and landed in the pool. That time he gain his consciousness and he was confused that what he is doing in the pool and why his masters are laughing at him. But after wiping him we treated him with a burger.

11. Wet cat

My cat slept in the garden and she has a habit that while sleeping she always role whenever she feel itchy. When she rolled in the garden she fall into the pond. We rescued her, but her expressions made us laugh.

12. Evil snowman

I have a retired greyhound, he adores snow until he saw his first snowman. He started barking on it as a greyhound do. And after that whenever he saw a snowman it terrifies him.

13. Confused dog

Whenever my mom cuts a fruit my dog begs her to give him a piece. He tries it and then spits it out because he dislikes it. But another time he repeat the same cycle.

14 ‘Wednesday’ or ‘Dumb’

We name our cat ‘Wednesday’ but we call her dumb mostly. Here are the reasons –

  • Got mad at me whenever her tail touches me after she hopped where I was already sitting.
  • Tried to enter in a box that was not opened yet.
  • Sit in a box which was opened from both sides and then wonders why she is on the floor.
  • Stuck her face in a jar and instead of pulling it back, she push his face forward.

15. Glass everywhere

My cat bite a glass plate and got angry because she can’t eat it. Then she went to disturb the fish and fell into the tank. Now she hates glass.

16. Come here

Once my cat woke up in the night and screamed like a hell, thought she was alone. I walked out to see her after seeing me she gave me a cute meow. These cats are so unpredictable.

17. Finally, but


My greyhound caught a squirrel after trying so hard. she sniffed her and leave him on the ground and then watch her until she ran on a tree. He is still looking confused, I think he didn’t like the whole experience.

18. Little mistake

Our pup took a lot of time to discover how to scratch his face, before discovering it he always kick his face for scratching. Still while scratching his face he kicks his face sometimes.

19. Dandelions are scary

My dog was playing in a garden and he bumped into a dandelion. Dandelion has vanished in the air. I don’t remember after that when he went near to dandelion.