30 People Who Had No Idea How Dumb They Are For Their Own Good. #26 Is The Dumbest!

Sometimes we post everything on the internet that we have in mind. So Every thought, every feeling, every nonsense we post on the internet. So you know, what’s the worst thing about the Internet? well I think you know. You have posted some dirt on the internet and now you want to remove it permanently.. but you are stupid enough to realize that you cannot delete permanently. OK, you were dumb enough to post this in the first place for your own good.

And sometimes it shows that you’re the most stupid and the dumbest person on the planet. well chill you’re not the only one. we have a collection of picture that shows how dumb a person can be for their own good. so let’s have a look.


She should not be allowed in Europe.


Jamie and his so damn tech hacks.


This person who has clearly never seen earplugs in his life.


 This guy who shouldn’t be hired on the first place.


Jack and his hard-hitting questions.


This guy.


The owner of a meat oak ass.


Laura and her so dumb conspiracy theories.


The creator of the #FlamingYoung hashtag.


Eric is so dumb! He and his astute observations.


This person who should probably have her phone confiscated.


Ryan and his so useful history lesson.


So Pretty much everyone involved in this thread.


The owner of the world’s best/worst selfie.


The architect behind the so flutely Violin Swimming Pool.


This person so unfamiliar with how pickles work.


This lizard person.


These people who have never seen a corkscrew before.


This person and their so deep, philosophical questions.


The proud owner of some “chef hat” nails, so dumb.


The last person you’d expect to use the #smart hashtag.


This person who knows a lot more about the Earth’s crust than we all do.


This person who should not be allowed near a computer.


This person who hopefully didn’t swallow.


And This navigator.


Shelby and so her dumbness.


So Slay asking the important questions.


And the person who has never seen a tan line before.


So Epic.