15 Cake Decorators Who Took Instructions Too Literally

Cakes are the best gift when we are celebrating any event. Cakes create memories and make everyone happy. Nothing is better than cake but more cake. But do you ever imagine what will happen if the cake design failed and make you awkward? This is bad because the cake is something that makes you always happy, but this type of blunder spoils the whole event and mood of people.

These cake designers are dumb who can’t follow simple instructions, but their bloopers will make you giggle and give you the life lesson about how to instruct a cake designer.

Check the whole article and tell us which cake design is your favorite. And also leave a comment if any blunder happened with you.

1. I think that’s intentional


2. I told him to write nothing, not “Nothing”


3. My brother ordered a picture cake and gave them this Pendrive of my picture, but


4. It’s ‘Cap’, not cat


5. Iphone always add this


6. Is he really that stupid?


7. He got what he ask for


8. Aren’t they using their brain


9. This one really deserves an applause


10. Gracias Idiota


11. WTF Mr. Designer


12. He will be punished badly


13. Just like your brain


14. Literally following instructions


15. Nancy I,m sorry