Dude Keeps Hilariously Protesting Everyday Annoyances With Funny Sign

This guy is protesting every day with hilarious signs

Every day we saw some person who is protesting against something. Majorly these issues are affecting the large population of the society. An issue like corruption, Global warming, or pollution. But Seth Phillips is the person who started the trend for protesting against the most annoying thing by funny signboards. His first signboard protest was “Stop replying-all to company-wide emails”. When people saw this signboard they can’t stop their giggles and due to that, this protest gained so much popularity.

Seth Phillips’ Instagram username is dudewithsign. He never imagined his protest will be viral this much. Now he has 7.7 Million followers on Instagram. And many people agree with his signboards. Those signboards are funny but some of the population face that issue. Let’s see more funny protesting signboards.

1. Sharing hoodies with your girl is love

2. Please take this seriously

3. Life lesson, this will save your money

4. Make this normal

5. And don’t bring your baby

6. Lack of equality

7. Stop showing-off

8. Squid game is getting famous

9. Everyone really needs it


10. We need privacy


11. Don’t be gross guys


12. We already know we need to calm


13. I really love them


14. I personally agree with this


15. Love that feeling

16. With Joe Biden

17. It is embarrassing

18. I’m one of them

19. 6 months of vacation twice a year

20. Don’t be late