Funny Drunk Stories To Make Your Sober Day Better

Whenever a person drinks he lost his consciousness, and without consciousness, they do silly and funny things. Sometimes they remember it and sometimes they don’t but the person around them always remembers it. And those weird things are even hard to forget.

Drinking with your friends always makes funny stories and memories. But those rascals can disclose your stories on the internet. It can be awkward for them but it will definitely make you laugh.

In this article, we shortlisted some hilarious drunk stories for you they gonna tickle you hard. We are not sharing it to judge someone but to make you laugh. Scroll to the end to enjoy the whole article and don’t forget to share your drunk story with us.

1. Were you that high, Dad?


2. The man of his words


3. ‘Scooby’ is that you?

4. Smart bitch


5. It’s great until you woke up in someone else’s home


6. He is still missing


7. She knows how to create a moment


8. Ok, Anything else? You idiot


9. Where I will get that coffee?


10. WTF, dad?


11. Lovely lady


12. what do you think, how do you reach there?


13. You are sick man


14. I agree with him