“What’s Wrong With Your Dog?”: People Are Posting Pictures Of ‘Malfunctioning’ Dogs

Dogs are the best friend of humans. They are the most adorable creature on the planet. They are busy all day protecting their home from the mailman, delivery boy, and cats. And after all this, they make sure that they will be the good boy.
“If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went.” I think this statement is said by every dog lover. You can’t deny the fact that dog loves their owner most and their owner also loves them back and can do anything for them.

Dogs are so hilarious when they do bloopers like funny expressions while sleeping or weird sitting position. This all will make you laugh whether you like dogs or not but this article is made for you and will make you laugh in a second.

#1. Is he trying to hatch them?

He collected all these balls and sit like this for 15 mins.

2. I got one

I want to adopt a dog and on the street, I saw this dog and gave him the command to sit and this is how he sits. look like I got my sidekick.

3. Gotchaa!!

My dog is a better actor than me.

4. After the playdate

It was rough dude.

5. They still don’t know about the camera

Installed a camera in the living room to see what they do in my absence.

6. Mom is always right.

Both are looking terrified.

7. Why is he like this?

My doggo got the weirdest sitting position.

8. Drama Queen

Her bowl is in the dishwasher and she can’t wait for the food.

9. Busy Day

He played for 9 hours in daycare, he is enjoying his life more than I.

10. Fed up Look

No, no she is the sweetest dog, but she always looks at me like I disappointed her.

11. What he is searching for?

There is no hole in the grass, can you tell me where is his face?

12. Arlo got his fashion attire

Arlo walked in the snow and now I think he is ready for the ramp walk.

13. Dumbass

Whatever he does he is always the cutest boy for me.

14. Shocked Doggo

When you are not expecting your human, but he saw you in an awkward pose.

15. Dog or a spider

Black spider with 4 legs only, but he is cute.

16. It’s life

When you asked for play ground but he took you to the vet.

17. Who is this creature?

My dog went into the lake, and then this alien creature came out. I want my doggo back.

18. Stoned dog

We gave him tablets for thunderstorms, but now he is high.

19. Why are you like this Moose?


Moose don’t be an asshole go and play with other dogs.

20. Are you really that dumb

We put his bowl on the last step so she didn’t have to bend while eating, but here she is.

21. Help me human

His tongue stuck in his nostrils for a while and he was looking hilarious that time.

22. Knee down to Majesty

He always sits like this.

23. Checking bitches

My neighborhood dog came to the window and enjoy the view like this every morning.

24. Yoga dog

It is not creepy just trying to catch my tail.

25. Let me taste it

He is tasting my homework and then he will eat and no one gonna believe it.

26. I’m going to hell for this

He was searching for birds in an artificial tree, so I played bird noise in my cell and placed it in the tree. I think he won’t forgive me for this.

27. Always cute

He was sitting like this while his grandpa was feeding him. He is always a good boy.

28. Where is my share?

I was eating my food and when I look down he is seeing me like this.

29. What he is is watching?

He must be watching Scooby-Dooby-Doo.

30. But, How?

When I came to the room I saw him disappointed in himself.

31. That’s Unique

He marked his identity in a most different way.