Dog stolen 11 years ago reunited with his owner

A dog that was stolen from outside his home in Massachusetts when he was just a puppy has been reunited with his rightful owner after 11 years.

In April, a Yorkshire terrier named Rex was found running loose by an animal control officer for Stoughton Police Department, Michelle Carlos. 

After a bath, and a good meal, Carlos checked the dog’s microchip, which revealed his identity, his age – 12 years – and that he belonged to Marzena Niejadlik from Boston.

When Carlos phoned Niejadlik to tell her the good news, she was shocked to hear that the dog had been stolen 11 years ago and not seen by her owner since.

“She was just overjoyed and in disbelief that I had her dog,” Carlos told Boston-based news outlet WBTS.

Niejadlik said that Rex was just a pup when he ran out of the house and taken by an unknown person, according to a witness. Despite months of searching, no trace was ever found of the dog.

But Niejadlik never gave up hope of seeing the dog again. “We were really hoping that it would, one day, happen [Rex would return] and finally, it did,” she told WBTS.

What happened to Rex in the intervening years, and how he ended up in Stoughton, will probably remain a mystery, but, for now, Niejadlik is just happy to have her dog home.