27 Incredibly Talented Artist Disneyfies People’s Pet Pice 

A famous Tilburg-based illustrator, Isa Bredt, specializes in Disneyfication. She is a talented Dutch artist who transforms stunning family pet photos into gorgeous illustrations. The artworks look like a picture inspired by Walt Disney characters. No matter if you are a Disney lover or not, you are going to be amazed after seeing her creations. 

It could be a pig, a cat, a puppy, or a turtle Bredt can make portraits of any animal. The pictures look-alike classic Disney movie animal characters. Art has been a passion of Bredt since childhood. It took her years to master the art style and promote herself as a talented artist. In 2019, an Instagram page Pet Disneyfication was formed where anyone can send her their pet photos and pay her to get a Disney-style illustration. Keep scrolling down to view the best illustrations of Isa Bredt.

#1 Lovely black color pet kitty

#2 Innocent-looking dog

#3 Sweet pet cat

#4 Pig and cat together in one frame

#5 Clever but the decent cat

#6 A pet turtle

#7 Cat giving look like a villain

#8 Cute dog like

#9 Dog with closed eyes

#10 Cat and rabbit together

#11 Cat with the white and black color combo

#12 Dogs like they are best friends

#13 Dog playing with disc

#14 Two cats cuddling each other

#15 A dog in the garden













Written by Rashi

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