Famous Disney Perfumes Used By Villains In Stories

All kinds of artistic people are inspired by the characters and stories of Disney. It shows that nobody can beat the creativity level of Disney. Whether it’s about superheroes or villains, Disney has always presented unique mediums of art. Villains in Walt Disney movies might be full of evil and hatred, but one cannot disagree how royal they look. The villain characters have some special style that highlights their personalities pointedly and makes them stand out. 

Disney movies mostly take place in historic periods where clothing was much more fashionable than anything in modern times. One can picture Disney princesses in beautiful and long dresses compared to traditional costumes. One of the impressive things is the perfume bottles used by villains in Disney films. Almost all scent bottles have an exclusive shape that makes them picture-perfect in comparison to other brands. Have a look at some of the fantastic perfume bottles that any diehard fan of Disney would love to have.

#1 Astounding Maleficent

#2 Pleasing Ursula

#3 The Evil Queen

#4 Governor Ratcliffe

#5 Cruella de Vil

#6 Aromatic Hades

#7 Mother Gothel

#8 King- like Jafar

#9 Queen-like Gaston

#10 Doctor Facilier

#11 Lady Tremaine

#12 Scar

#13 Foulfellow and Gideon

#14 Umbrella-shaped Yzma

#15 Madame Medusa

#16 Prince John

#17 Queen of Hearts

#18 Claude Frollo

#19 Captain Hook