Disney Updates Content Warning For Racist Stereotypes In Some Older Movies

Some Disney movies have received racism cautioning and hopes that the audience will acknowledge something related to its harmful impact. Disney Plus has various classics such as Snow White, Bambi, and the Seven Dwarfs existing for streaming. Though they are decades old still, people love to enjoy these classics. However, some Disney movies involve racist content. 

In past years, Disney had incorporated a disclaimer on movies like Lady and The Tramp, Fantasia, and The Aristocats. The disclaimer says that the movies may contain outdated cultural depictions and were presented as created originally.

After the launch of the disclaimer, people suspect Disney of trying to evade racism by describing it as outdated. Later, Disney recognized public opinion and has altered its disclaimer to admit the content is wrong on movies like Peter Pan, The Jungle Book, and Dumbo.

Some people tweeted as:

Look at DisneyPlus letting the people know that their previous movies were insensitive culturally, and racist.

Liability is key and historical content is crucial.

The new warning says: This program includes undesirable descriptions or mistreatment of cultures. These typecast were wrong then and are wrong now. Instead of removing this content, we have to learn from it to create a more comprehensive future together.